The vision of Most Blessed Sacrament is a community, rooted in the Catholic teachings of Christ, where students belong, feel loved, are respected and encouraged, and have a future filled with promise and possibilities.



Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School serves our Church, its families, and the community by nurturing Gospel values, academic excellence, and a lifetime of prayer and service.


We believe the purpose of Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is to pass on the faith and heritage of Catholic tradition, promoting Gospel values throughout our educational environment.

We strive to strengthen partnerships with our parents, the primary teachers of faith and values, as we work develop the whole child - spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

We continually seek out a faculty called to the teaching ministry, who share a mutual responsibility for creating an environment which promotes spiritual and academic excellence for all our students.

We strive to center our school community in worship, prayer, Catholic doctrine, service projects, and current educational pedagogy in order to equip our students to become mature, Catholic Christian young men and women and leaders for tomorrow's world.

We seek to teach as Jesus did, in both word and example, nurturing the unique gifts of each member of our school community as members of the Body of Christ, living Sacraments to the world.

Pelican in Her Piety

Our logo, known as the Pelican in Her Piety, was designed to honor the rich history of MBS, pay tribute to the Most Blessed Sacrament, and celebrate the school's future. It is truly a reminder of our faith foundation that we want to instill in our students.  It is a vivid illustration of what we want others to know about our Catholic faith and school.

The wings of the pelican create the monstrance in which the Most Blessed Sacrament is placed, protected, and displayed during Adoration. The bolded strokes represent how we as Catholics radiate the love of Christ when we receive Him during the Eucharist. The baby chicks represent the students and the privilege we have to protect and teach them the Catholic Faith.

According to legend, in times of famine, a mother pelican would pierce her own chest and give her blood to her chicks. Thus, the pelican symbol in Christianity symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, who gave His body and blood for others, as well as in the Eucharist which provides spiritual nourishment to His faithful.


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