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Meal Breaker  
As a "choice item," your student (grades 3-8) can choose one of the three meal breakers pictured above.
1.) Bean Dip Meal Breaker - bean dip, wheat crackers, applesauce, cheese stick, juice pouch
2.) Beef Stick Meal Breaker - beef stick, cheese stick, cheez it, applesauce, juice pouch
3.) Hummus Meal Breaker - hummus, wheat crackers, sunflower seeds, raisins, juice pouch
Starting Tuesday, September 3.

Breakfast Menu
Monday... Pancakes, ham, fruit, milk/juice
Tuesday.. Biscuit, Chicken patty, pears, jelly, milk/juice
Wednesday...Waffles, cube cheese, fruit, milk/juice
Thursday...Cereal, toast, fruit, milk/juice
Friday...Biscuit, sausage, fruit, milk/juice

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