Child Protection - Safe Environment Requirements and Volunteer Certification

Logging Time & Talent Hours in FACTS

To log your time and talent hours,
  • Login to your FACTS acount.
  • Click "Family" in the maroon column on the left.
  • In the middle section that says "Service Hours," click "Add."
  • Enter the date of service, number of hours, and a description. 
    • To type a description, click "[type a custom value]."
  • Click "Save."

Circle of Grace Opt-out Form 

ExxonMobil Volunteer Grant

ExxonMobil employees, retirees, and their families who volunteer at Most Blessed Sacrament School can complete the online Individual Volunteer Involvement Program form and submit twenty hours for a $500 grant for MBS, for a total of four grants per year and $2,000. The ExxonMobil employee ID number and password are required to sign in here.
Volunteer work through MBS Church is not allowed. If you have any questions regarding what is acceptable, please visit the Program Guidelines and FAQ under the Individual Volunteer Involvement Program or contact ExxonMobil Matching Programs at (877) 807-0204. MBS Contact Person for ExxonMobil Grants:  Kristy Reine,

Completing the Volunteer Certification Process

Any adult (18 years and older) wanting to volunteer with children of Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School must complete the following requirements mandated by the Diocese of Baton Rouge. The requirements may be accessed by entering the Diocese of Baton Rouge website at Once at the website, look for the Child and Youth Protection Link (top/left). This will take you to the certification requirements where there will be links to the steps that must be completed.                                      

1.  Complete a Volunteer EAPPS Application             
Items that have an asterisk (*) must be answered in order for the application to be complete.  
References must have a complete address (house number and street name), along with contact information (area code and phone number).
You must INITIAL each of the items in the Declarations section.

2.  Read and sign the Code of Ethics Acknowledgement Form and email Roslyn Landry at   
The Code of Ethics must be reviewed annually.  Scroll down to Certification to find the Code of Ethics. 

3.  Complete the Serving Vulnerable Populations Online Tutorial at the Safe and Sacred Training Center Link
Once you have completed the online training (first time training), please print your certificate or email to Roslyn Landry at   
4.  Background Check/Fingerprinting
Please contact Roslyn Landry at (225) 753-5526 or in the Office of Child Protection for instructions and paperwork needed to complete the background check process. Please note that the Louisiana State Police has 21 days to submit a background check report.  

5.  2022-2023 Volunteer and Chaperone Request Form and email to Roslyn Landry at

6.  2022-2023 Volunteer Agreement

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