School Fundraisers - Giving Through Everyday Living

"Giving Through Everyday Living" Ziplock Bags were sent home with each child.  Please refer to the attached flyer for MBS approved collectibles.  Place the collectibles in the bags as you collect them.  We will announce a date for you to send the bags back to school.  The class with the most collectibles will win a class party.  MBS receives "free" money for your participation.  For instance, we receive 10 cents for each Community Coffee label we send in and 20% of each Mabels Lables sales.  As of today, 12/3/2021, MBS has also earned  $2,048.56 from Amazon Smile. Support the MBS Home ans School today by supporting this important program.


MBS Open House

Register to attend Open House by clicking here

November Cafeteria Volunteer Sign-up

Click here to volunteer in the cafeteria during the month of November.

MBS Cowboy Chicken Night - November 16

Cowboy Chicken Night at MBS - November 16 - Drive through and pick up Dinners for 4 or 6. Visit the link to place your order. No orders will be accepted after 11:30pm, Sunday, November 14. Thank you for supporting MBS and Cowboy Chicken.


2021 Middle School Mid-term Exam Schedule

2021 MBS Middle School Mid Term Schedule
Wednesday, December 15th, 2021
7:20-7:55 - Homeroom and Assembly
8:00-9:20 - Science Exam
9:25-9:45 - Brunch
9:50-11:05 - English Exam
11:15 - Dismissal (Car Rider Pro in homeroom)

Thursday, December 16th, 2021
7:20-7:55 Homeroom and Assembly
8:00-9:20 Social Studies Exam
9:25-9:45 Brunch
9:50-11:05 – Religion Exam
11:15 – Dismissal (Car Rider Pro in homeroom)

Friday, December 17th, 2021
7:20-7:55 – Homeroom and Assembly
8:00-9:20 – Math Exam
9:25-9:45 – Brunch
9:50-11:05 – Literature Exam
11:15 – Dismissal (Car Rider Pro in homeroom)

2021-2022 Applications Are Open

Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are currently being accepted.  New students, siblings of current students, and current Pre-K students may apply during this time. 

To apply, click here.
  • If you are creating a new FACTS account, the district code is MBS-LA.
  • Current MBS families can log in to their FACTS account and click "Apply/Enroll, Application" to apply for a new student.
  • Current Pre-Kindergarten students must apply as a new student for Kindergarten by clicking "Create a New Student Application."
If you have any questions about applications or enrollment, please email Penne Leier at

2021-2022 ReEnrollment

The ReEnrollment period for current students in Kindergarten through seventh grade will be held from Monday, January 11 to Friday, January 15. The ReEnrollment process is to be completed online through the FACTS Family Portal.

Once logged into your account,

  • Select “Apply/Enroll,” found on the maroon column on the left side.

  • Select “Enrollment/ReEnrollment.”

  • Select “Click here to open Enrollment.”

  • Complete and submit your enrollment packet and fee.

A few reminders about ReEnrollment:

  • Tuition will not be deducted during the month of January.

  • The district code for FACTS is MBS-LA.

  • A nonrefundable ReEnrollment fee of $360 per child is due at the time of submission.

  • To receive in-parish tuition rates, families must be members of record with MBS Church with a recorded offertory giving of $325 by December 31, 2020. IOG records will be reviewed on January 15.

  • Any families who have not met the stewardship commitment requirement will receive either Catholic Out-of-Parish tuition or Non-Catholic rates.

  • There is a nonrefundable $100 late fee for any ReEnrollment packets submitted after midnight on Friday, January 15.

If you have any questions during the ReEnrollment process, please email Penne Leier at

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