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Our Mission
Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School serves our Church,
its families, and the community, by nurturing Gospel values, academic excellence, and a lifetime of prayer and service.

Apply to MBS
We are excited that you have chosen to apply to Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School!  
Applications for new students are currently being accepted.  Apply Now.

Prior to Applying - What You Need to Know
During the online application process you will need to provide the applicant’s (student’s) required documents, as follows:
  • Current Family photo 
  • Birth Certificate (required)
  • Baptismal Certificate (required if Baptized)
  • Immunization Record or Waiver (required)
  • Report Card (if applicable)
  • Standardized Test Scores (if applicable)
  • Educational Evaluations (if applicable) 
  • Custody Information (if applicable)
  • $100 Application Fee (non-refundable)


Tuition Information and Fees for 2020-21 is listed HERE  

Acceptance Criteria and Process
Students applying to Most Blessed Sacrament School will be accepted in the following priority:

  • Currently enrolled students whose families practice their faith and are Identified Offertory Giver (IOG*).
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students - MBS Parishioners must be IOG and meet yearly volunteer requirements.  Out of Parish or Non-Catholic families must meet yearly volunteer requirements.
  • Catholic students of parishioners who are IOG.
  • Catholic students of parishioners transferring from another Catholic school who are IOG.
  • Students of Catholic families residing in another parish who practice their faith and are IOG.
  • Students of families of other faiths identified as members of their church.


*IOG - The parents or legal guardians whose use of offertory envelopes has noted their annual financial support of the parish in the minimum amount of $325.00.  Verification will be as of December 31, 2019, unless otherwise authorized by the Pastor.

The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing applications December 5, 2019, and acceptance letters will be mailed by Mardi Gras (2020).  For those accepted, more information on how to complete the Enrollment process, including billing information (tuition and fees), will be provided at that time.

Parent’s Commitment to Church and School
Parents are expected to actively participate in the education of their children by practicing their faith, by supporting their parish church, and by cooperating with the administration and faculty in all school matters. Students are expected to comply with all school regulations and to conduct themselves at all times in a manner reflecting Christian values, which is conducive to good learning and good conduct.

The Most Blessed Sacrament Parochial School admits all qualified students regardless of race, color, sex, or national origin. The school is, however, limited with respect to physical capacity and accordingly, in the number of students which may be adequately accommodated. Therefore, IT IS RESOLVED AND ESTABLISHED AS POLICY THAT:

Parent’s Commitment to Church and School
One of the requirements for enrollment and/or retention at Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is a commitment to the following agreement.
We/I therefore promise and commit:

  1. The Catholic members of our family to attend mass every weekend and on Holy Days in addition to daily prayer at home.
  2. Our family commits to thirty hours of time and talent to be given to the school and/or church each year.  (A year is from registration to re-registration.) Time and Talent hours are required and reviewed prior to re-registration each year.  Hours must be completed in order to receive the in-parish tuition rate.
  3. Support to the stewardship program of the church as an Identified Offertory Giver (IOG) and sign a new Stewardship Commitment Card each year.
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